How To Wear Wedding Rings: The Most Popular Way (2024)

So you have both your engagement ring and your wedding band ready to go, but you’re now wondering how to wear your wedding rings.

We all know that the engagement ring is most commonly worn on the fourth finger of your left hand, but should the wedding band be worn on the same finger? And should the engagement ring be on the top or the bottom? What about other rings?

Although we fully encourage you to wear your new wedding jewelry in whichever way you love the most, here is some traditional guidance on how to wear your wedding rings…

How To Wear Wedding Rings: The Most Popular Way (1)

Why Are Rings Worn on the Left Hand?

In western cultures, the correct way to wear a wedding-ring-set is on the ring finger on the left hand, the fourth little guy if you include the thumb.

This dates back centuries to a time when people believed that the left ring finger held the vein that connected directly to the heart. We have not spoken to a medical expert on this notion, but it’s a tradition that has stuck in many western countries.

However, it’s not universal across the globe and you will see many newlyweds wearing their rings on their right hands in northern and eastern European countries like Russia, Poland, and Denmark. It is also common in other countries like India.

What’s more, in some countries in South America, couples will wear their wedding rings on one hand and then actually switch hands after saying their vows in their wedding ceremony.

The Most Popular Way

The most common way to wear your wedding rings today is to wear both on the fourth finger of your left hand.

Tradition states that the wedding band should be placed underneath the engagement ring, therefore closer to your heart.

What this means for the ceremony is that typically the engagement ring would be removed beforehand, leaving your finger empty and ready to receive your beautiful new wedding band after the vows.

For tips on what to do with your engagement ring on your wedding day check out our article here.

If you want to wear the wedding band on top of the engagement ring, that is fine too! It could simply be that you prefer the way they look that way round, or the shape, size, and style of your rings work better worn that way.

Do the Rings Need to Come in a Set?

You will find that lots of engagement rings and wedding rings come together in a set. This can be useful when deciding how to wear them and means you are confident that they are going to work perfectly together, just like you and your husband/wife to be!

Often the wedding band will be curved in design, this is also known as a contoured wedding band. It means that the band is designed to match the exact curvature of your engagement ring.

Unlike straight wedding rings, these are created to purposefully provide a better fit for engagement rings that feature large stones, so they dip on one side in just the right place.

Can I Wear Them on Different Fingers?

What about if your wedding band doesn’t quite match your engagement ring perfectly?

This can be quite a common issue, “I want my wedding band to be flush against my engagement ring!” Or perhaps you simply don’t like the idea of rings stacked on top of one another.

One option here is to wear your engagement ring on a different hand to your wedding band.

It’s not a traditional choice in the US, but you can choose which way you want to wear them. It would be more common to wear the wedding band on the left ring finger, and the engagement ring on the same finger of the right hand…. but equally you can switch this round if you prefer. It really is your choice here!

Do You Wear the Engagement Ring Every Day?

Some people like to wear their wedding bands every day and reserve their engagement rings for special occasions only.

Some just love their sparkly engagement ring so much they wear it every day without the wedding band. And others want to wear both rings proudly all year round.

There really is no right or wrong way!

If you work at a manual job where you regularly use your hands, you may choose to not wear your diamond engagement ring to reduce the risk of damaging it.

Some people also leave their engagement ring safely at home if they are traveling, just in case they lose it.

What About Eternity Rings?

Eternity rings are popular gifts to mark milestone anniversaries. Starting at five years, then ten, fifteen, twenty years; the eternity ring is a lovely gift to give or receive in celebration of your successful marriage.

Eternity rings (sometimes called anniversary rings) are typically a plain band rather than raised stones, but can often include diamonds or gemstones within them all the way around.

When thinking about what eternity ring you might like, think of your existing wedding rings and what will complement them. It’s nice to get creative and perhaps use a colored stone if you haven’t done so before; this could be a birthstone of yourself or your child. These rings should really reflect your own style.

Eternity rings can be worn on any finger; there are no set rules.

Stacking eternity rings with your wedding and engagement ring is always a popular choice, with the eternity ring on the top.

However, if that is not your style, the new ring could even replace the original wedding band. We say mix it up!

What About a Promise Ring?

A promise ring is a ring given as a promise for a future deeper commitment such as a marriage proposal, and it’s becoming more popular!

The ring can be worn on any finger, although the two most common choices are on the left ring finger – as a placeholder for a future engagement ring, or on the right ring finger.

If worn on the left hand, it’s common to then move the promise ring to the right hand once the engagement ring is in its place!

How To Wear Wedding Rings: The Most Popular Way (2024)


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