Anime Accurate SFX – Xenoverse Mods (2024)

This mod was made to make Xenoverse 2 fighting sounds resemble The Dragon Ball Z Franchise. This will continue to receive updates, through my work and your suggestions I'll continue making various corrections. Please keep in mind this is my first step into modifying Xenoverse 2 so this won't be perfect, but I'm willing to work on it. Audacity and as well The Eternity Audio Tool were the tools that made this mod possible.

*Please just let me know, If you want to use my SFX in your project, and just properly credit me.

Simply drag the Sound folder and place it in your Data folder.

*Please don't forget to read the Changelog

V 1.0 Initial Release

V1.1 SFX Changes have been compiled, and are available as a separate downloadable option

V1.2 Rearranged the punch sound effects give some ease to your ears since, In the previous version once you got into a combo it got quite loud. You may now download the DBZ SFX changes 1.2 to see which you prefer, and the SFX Changes list comes bundled with every release so you don't have to download them separately, If you don't want to

V1.3 This Update was meant to fix some skills sounding too quiet or too loud, while these won't all be perfect I'm hoping this update will help me better gauge roughly where the volume should be with already changed SFX and ones later to be changed in the future. * If you want specific details about the changes made you should check the text document included in the 1.3 DBZ SFX File. Also please note that these changes are not complete, but are rather samples of more changes to come, for future updates

V1.4 This is a continuation of Update 1.3, which focuses on Basic movements such as punches, Jumping, and knock ways. If the basic combat has been an issue for you, I implore you to download this version since all those Issues are addressed in this update

V1.5 This update is simply of continuation of previous update versions such as 1.3 and 1.4. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. *Please read the Text documents in the file for specific details

V1.6 This update is simply of continuation of the previous 1.5 Update. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. *Please read the Text documents in the file for specific details

V 1.7 This update is simply a continuation of previous update versions, such as 1.6. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Note that If I am specific about the change, that most likely means there was a singular change rather than a complete overhaul. If I missed anything else that you may want included in these SFX changes, feel free to reach out and let me know in the comments.

V 1.8 This update involved more fine-tuning to the SFX in terms of volume, hopefully, these changes give your ears some ease. I also made another attempt to make better syncing to the vanilla animations, 3 new move changes and some Punch SFX rearrangements are also included. * Please read the changes in the file for more in-depth information.

V 1.9 This Update compared to prior updates focuses on fine-tuning skills and ultimate's rather than the punch SFX. I have also been planning on changing the transformations SFX to sync up better. If you have any comments or concerns please let me know in the comments below. *You may need to turn up your volume since this update includes decreasing the sound to put less strain on your ears. If you want me to boost the audio to be much louder than this please let me know since this is still in testing.

V2.0 This is a minor update, the stamina break has been changed very slightly to add a little bit more variety. To understand all the other changes please check the Text Document in the file.

V2.1 Broly, Cell, & Buu have had some Super and Ultimate SFX changes, I hope to focus more on Villains in the future, and while these changes aren't fully complete I want to push out updates consistently.

V2.2 This Update Includes 5 New Skills. Kaioken Has been Fixed at all levels, and All punches, Kicks, Stamina breaks, and Flights have been further refined to sync with the in-game animations. Thanks again for all the support, patience, and feedback.

V2.3 This small update is focused on properly fading out the SFX. The Punches, Flying and Vanish have received the first changes when it comes to this, some skills have been altered in the update in this same way as well. The Guard has reverted to normal since I didn't like the previous changes I tried to make. Lastly, the Knock Away SFX was a little loud so I decreased it slightly and It seems to be a bit more conformable to listen to. Thanks for reading and have fun!

V2.4 This Update Includes a new Stamina Break/ LL Punch. The knock ways have been reworked to be easier on the ears with a new SFX used for the UKI Push. Final Flash has been fixed as well. Lastly, Some new Punch Swings have been added these are subject to change, Your feedback would be appreciated on this aspect of the changes made. Thanks for reading this and have fun!

V2.5 This is an extremely small update that reverted the swing changes since they sounded off to me, and I also reverted the stamina break to keep that impactful SFX that was in previous versions Hopefully these are minor changes you can enjoy. This mod is still in development and although the updates have been pumped out less frequently, this does not mean I'm done with this project. Keep on the lookout for future updates and as always have fun!

V2.6 Happy to be back y'all! This update includes different SFX changes for the Small punches to add some more variety. The 2nd Medium punch has also been changed. The stamina Break has been completely changed to combine better into spamming moves like Meteor Crash. All flying has been changed to fade out much more smoothly since I noticed the previous version seemed to sound like it was almost cutting out instead of fading out. The knock away has finally been reduced in volume and changed very slightly. The jumps should now be perfectly synced as well. Thanks again for reading as always & I appreciate your patience.

2.6.5 I reverted the stamina break change and first heavy punch. I'm still looking for more ideas please reach out on Discord if you have any suggestions

2.7 Changes listed in the Word document.

2.8 The Medium Guard or prior muscle flex before a transformation has been changed. Start Mele Clash has been changed along with the End Mele Clash. All Energy End Burst charges have been altered to be more accurate. The 2nd Medium Punch has been changed (Buu Saga SFX). The Ground Hit SFX has been reverted as well. Thank you for your patience.

2.9 The 1st Medium Punch & 2nd Large Punch have had their syncing fixed. A new 2nd Medium Punch has been implemented along with a new Stamina Break (Hit LL). The End Clash has been reverted for a more impactful sound and The Start Flight SFX has been scraped for a new higher quality SFX. The Flight End has had its syncing fixed along with Kamehameha X10 charge SFX. Kamehameha X10 SFX Wave Fire has had an entirely new sound. The Knock away sound has been significantly decreased in volume, and the spinning knockback as well. The regular Kamehameha Charge SFX wave now fades out smoother.

2.9.5 Stamina Break & Ki Blast Hit 3 Changed

3.0 Medium Punch 2, LL Punch (Stamina Break), and UKI Push (Knock away Flight) have all had audio adjustments. Start Flight Boost, Vanish Variation (Faster SFX & Slow), and L Punch 1 (GT SFX) have all seen new SFX implemented. Hope you enjoy & Happy Holidays!

3.1 Punch Swings have been all changed, and they will be further refined over time so don't worry that if it sounds somewhat off. L Punch 1 & 2 along with LL Punch (Stamina Break) have been changed as well. The Start Flight has been reverted to a previous SFX that I've used. Thanks for you're continued support & Happy New Years!

3.1.5 The First 4 Punch Swings have been slightly changed to sound clearer. The L Punch 1 & 2 have been changed. That's all enjoy!

3.2 All Punch Swings have had volume decreases. The Large Punch a have been changed to the default SFX in XV2 and Large Punch 2 has been altered as well. The hitting the ground SFX has been changed as well.

3.3 Flight Loop has been fixed. Regular Kamehameha has had a slight charge up change and fire volume increase. Instant Transmission has also received a volume increase. Swing 35 Dash has been completely changed with a new SFX. All Punch Swings have been removed until I feel comfortable reimplementing them in. Some of the punches have changed as well. I also removed the anime voice lines until I'm ready to reimplement them.

3.4 Start Flight Dash & Flight End has been changed. Guard SP END has a new SFX. The Destructo Disk has had a higher quality charge SFX implemented along with a new cut SFX. The Super Spirit Bomb charge has also had a higher quality SFX change. The Initial stationary charge animation has been resynced as well. The Super Spirit Bomb jump has been reverted back to the original sound. The Final Flash charge has been reverted while the Final Flash wave has had a new SFX entirely. All Energy Charge start ups and ends have been changed as well. The Small punches have all been changed to have a higher pitch. While it won't really be that noticeable I felt that it was worth mentioning. The base large Ki blast has been changed as well since the prior version sounded like a wave. *The next update will focus on fixing the basic charge ki blasts along with more Broly and Kid Buu changes.

3.5 Start Flight Dash reverted. Medium Punch 1 is a higher pitch and volume of S Punch's. L punch 1 Changed.

Anime Accurate SFX – Xenoverse Mods (2024)


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